Muhammad Ahmad

August 14, 1996

About Candidate


Papers (Published)

  1. Muhammad Shoib Nawaz, Ayesha, Lubna Rajput, Kaneez Fatima, Sami Ullah, Muhammad Ahmad, Asma Imran*. (2020).Growth stimulatory effect of quorum sensing signal molecule N-Acyl-homoserine lactones-producing multi-trait Aeromonas on wheat genotypes under salt-stress. Frontiers in microbiology. (DOI: [Impact factor: 5.640]
  2. Asma Imran, Sughra Hakim, Mohsin Tariq, Muhammad Shoaib Nawaz, Iqra Laraib, Muhammad Kashif Hanif, Muhammad Jawad Siddique, Mah Noor Hayat, Umaria Gulzar, Muhammad Ahmad “Rhizosphere microbiome for lowering nitrogen pollution crises; looking deep into the roots” Frontier in microbiology. (DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.637815) [Impact factor: 5.640]
  3. Muhammad Ahmad, Muhammad Imtiaz*, M. Shoib Nawaz, Fathia Mubeen, Asma Imran* “what did learn from current progress in heart stress tolerance in plant? Can microbes be a solution?” (Accepted) Frontier in Plant Sciences [impact factor 5.753]
  4. Asma Imran, Fozia Sardar, Zebish Khaliq, Muhammad Shoib Nawaz, Atif Shehzad, Muhammad Ahmad, Sumera Yasmin, Sughra Hakim, Fathia Mubeen, Muhammad Sajjad Mirza “Bioactive compost from multi-plant waste improves the growth and yield of chili pepper and tomato” (Accepted) Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. [ impact factor 5.890]
  5. Muhammad shoib Nawaz, Muhammad Ahmad, Asma Imran “Microbial Assisted Phytoremediation of Lead Polluted Soils; A Review” Abstract accepted in frontier in microbiology [impact factor 5.640]

Book Chapter

  1. Iqra Laraib, Muhammad Ahmad, Asma Rehman, Asma Imran. “Nanotechnology for Rhizosphere Engineering” “RHIZOSPHERE ENGINEERING: NEED OF THE FUTURE” (Accepted) (Elsevier)


Matric 2012
BISE Multan


F.Sc. Pre Medical 2015
Punjab Group of Colleges

Physics, Chemistry, Biology

B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture 2019
The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Plant Pathology

M.Phil. 2021
National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Faisalabad

Plant pathology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant-microbe interaction

Work & Experience

Internee 02/18/2019 - 06/01/2019
Plant Virology Lab, Department of Plant Pathology, Bah Uddin Zakariya University Multan

molecular identification and characterization of plant viruses

Researcher 09/04/2020 - 12/22/2021
Plant-microbe interaction and Microbial ecology Lab, National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Plant-microbe interaction, soil fertility, Biofetilizers


Plant molecular biology, Plant microbe-interaction, Field Experiments,