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Book Chapters A. Published
1. Nawaz, A., A.U. Rehman, Z. Haydar, H. U Rehman, S. Ahmad and M. Hussain.2022.
Techniques of rice nursery establishment and transplanting. In Book: Modern Techniques of
Rice Production
Springer nature, Singapore.
B. Submitted
2. Rafiq, F., M. Ijaz, A. Sattar, M. Shahid, A. Sher, S. Ul-Allah, and A.U. Rehman. 2022.Long
term challenges, the characteristics and the behaviour of various hazardous material and trace
elements in soil. In Book: Hazardous and Trace Materials in Soil and Plants.
3. Nawaz, A., A.U. Rehman, F. Nadeem, and M. Hussain. 2019. Part-4: Oilseed. In: Hussain,
M., S. Ahmad, and M. Farooq (eds.),
Principles of Field Crop Production.
Research Articles in
Journals (with impact
A. Published/Accepted
1. Ijaz, M., A. Nawaz, S. Ul-Allah, A. Sher, A. Sattar, M. Sarwar, I. Hussain, A. U. Rehman, M.A.
Wahid, M.J. Ansari and K. Hessini. 2021. Optimizing sowing date for peanut genotypes in arid
and semi-arid subtropical regions.
PLoS ONE 16: e0252393. (IF= 3.24).
Review Articles in
Journals (with impact
1. Nawaz, A., A.U. Rehman, A. Rehman, S. Ahmad, K.H.M. Siddique and M. Farooq. 2021.
Increasing sustainability for rice production systems.
Journal of Cereal Science 103: 103400
(IF= 3.62).
2. Al-Farsi, S.M., A. Nawaz, A.U. Rehman, S.K. Nadaf, A.M. Al-Sadi, K.H.M. Siddique and M.
2020. Effects, tolerance mechanisms and management of salt stress in lucerne (Medicago
Crop & Pasture Science 71:411-428 (IF= 2.29).
3. Nawaz, A., M. Farooq, A.U. Rehman, Yadav and K. Siddique.2021. Agronomic innovations for
enhancing the yield potential of agricultural crops
. Indian Journal of Agronomy 66:191-197.
Abstracts Published
in Conference
Abstract Books
1. Jamil, M.A, Z. Manzoor, T. Abbas, and A. U. Rehman. 2021. A Review on Biocontrol of
Parthenium hysterophorus using Allelopathy.
In:2nd International Conference of the Turkish
Journal of Agriculture-Food Science and Technology”. International Congress organized by
Turkish Science Technology Publishing (TURSTEP) 25-29 October, Gazimagusa, Cyprus.
2. Nawaz, A., M. Hussain, T. Sarwar, A. Tariq, A. U. Rehman, M. Kashif, R. Ali, I. Hussain, and
M. Hussain. 2019.
Weed dynamics in no-till and plough till systems in some kharif crops
under an arid climate.
In:1st International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture: Food Security
under Changing Climate Scenarios, held on April 3-5, at The University of Haripur, KPK,

CV of Anees Ur Rehman

Pakistan, p. 122.
1. First International and Second National Conference on “Challenges and Opportunities to Boost
Agriculture in Changing Climate
” held at College of Agriculture, Bahauddin Zakariya
University, Bahadur Sub-Campus, Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan,
March 26-28, 2018.
2. “2nd International Conference of the Turkish Journal of Agriculture-Food Science and
International Congress organized by Turkish Science Technology Publishing
(TURSTEP), Gazimagusa, Cyprus,
October 25-29.
1. National Seminar on “Propagation, Canopy Management Techniques & Ber Plant
” conducted by Institute of Horticultural Sciences, University of Agriculture
Faisalabad-Pakistan (Participated).
2. Workshop on “Anxiety disorders in Youth” Conducted by All Pakistan Character Building
Society on October 31,2020.



B.Sc(Hons )Agriculture-Agronomy 2020
Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan

B.Sc(Hons ) Agriculture-Agronomy All skills and experties are added in Cv attached

M.Sc(Hons) Agriulture-Agronomy 2022
University of Agriculture Faisalabad

M.Sc(Hons )Agriculture--Agronomy All skills and experties are added in CV attached

Work & Experience

Field Research Coordinator 2018-05-05 - 2020-04-02
BZU,Taif University, Taif, Saudi Arabia (TURSP funded project)

Planning the experiments, layout and conduct of experiments, field research data collection, analyzing, and interpreting data, summarizing the results and report writing. Farmer meetings to increase the peanut cultivation in Thal area. Helped project team to draft reports on results.

Research Associate
University of Agriculture (UAF) and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST funded project) Saudi Arabia.

The study is to explore phenotyping responses of quinoa accessions during field, harvest and postharvest including saponin contents, seed size, seed shape, Colour of pericarp in seeds, and colour of episperm in quinoa seeds. Positions held: Research Associate Activities performed: Planning Experiment, laying out and conducting the experiment, Observation and collecting field research data, Analyzing, and interpreting data, summarizing results and report writing and Farmer meetings to increase the Quinoa cultivation in Pakistan.