Asghar Ali

Indigenous Scholar
November 3, 1993

About Candidate


My name is Asghar Ali. I am a responsible and team builder. I know how to use given resources effectively. I have the ability to interact with all kinds of people, the capability to lead them, and good coordination with co-workers due to excellent communication skills.


A thesis on the topic of "A study to reveal the potential role of spiritual leaders in community mobilization regarding tree plantation". 


MSc Hones. Agricultural Extenion 2018
University of Agriculture Faisalabad

I've completed MSc (Hons) in Agri. Extension. Agriculture Extension is an inherited department of Pakistan. Nowadays, people know a little bit about this degree but this is a vast major across the world with great scope especially in developed countries. it falls in social sciences but in Pakistan mostly jobes hiring authorities do not know about its courses and students' abilities that's why they don't even hire them. They are the students who complete Metric in Science and then complete Pre-Medical FSc. After FSc, they complete BSc (Hons) in Agri. Extension in two phases 4 semesters in Agri. Sciences and the remaining four in Major Agri. Extension. After it, they completed their specialization in Agri. Extension by conducting research on social aspects of crops and livestock.


Scientific Writer
Graphic Designer
Video Editor
Data Analysis in SPSS