Sayeda Kanza Amna

R&D Manager
June 20, 1995

About Candidate

●        Manage each project from ideation to execution including scoping out deliverables, requirements gathering, development, execution, and quality assurance

●        Introduction of new crops by adapting seeds and techniques to local conditions.


●        Experienced in Growing all kinds of vegetables (Hybrid & Desi Type)

●        Commercial & Non-Commercial Farming.

●        Market and technical research to identify potentially interesting crops.

●        Organize and manage the experiment team.

●        Ensure R&D documents are tracked, integrated, updated, and intuitively organized in official documents. Capture weekly progress to ensure our documents is up-to-date and always ready for diligence


●        Work directly with the leadership team to define the scope of work and plan for each project

●        Coordinate external team and track progress between weekly meetings with scientists. Facilitate and manage all communication between internal team members and methodically organize weekly progress across all R&D members.

●        Proactively tackle potential questions, delays or conflicts and communicate status updates to the Director of R&D and CEOs

●        Own scheduling for project meetings and facilitate regular internal review meetings to correspond to timelines

●        Document change orders, meeting notes, weekly status updates and project timelines

●        Follow/create new project flow procedures to ensure maximum efficiency

●        Identify opportunities to improve field activities.

●        Track projects through the workflow process and update across the team in relation to meeting deadlines and next step



M.Sc Hons Plant Breeding and Genetics 2019
University of Agriculture Faisalabad

Work & Experience

R&D Officer 09/01/2020 - 04/30/2021
Green Gold Agri Seeds Faisalabad
IPM Coordinator 05/01/2021 - 09/30/2021
Friends Environment Solutions - Ali Akbar Group Lahore