About Company

Auriga Group has been endeavoring to improve socio-economic environment of society through value-added products. Continuing with our traditions. Urban pest Division is contributing towards urban society for a healthy life it is essential that our homes and work places are pests/insects free. Pests cause damage to our health and property more than what we understand using an effective insect killer is just perfect solution to eliminate these harmful creatures. Auriga Urban Pest Management has now introduced more effective products to combat all types of indoor and outdoor creepy crawlies.

To Create and facilitate the development of value-added agriculture business, and fulfillment of our corporate social responsibilities towards the Agro Segment in particular.


Outperforming under dynamic patronage:

The Team Auriga started with a vision to benefit the agro industry of Pakistan. Owning to courtesy, strong commitment and dedication of its thorough professional staff and the dynamic leadership and patronage of its directors, the group has today realized the comprehensive excellence mission. Entering the second decade of business, we have ensured the quality of our.

operations by focusing

on our workers, associates and customers’ needs and satisfaction. With a team of proficient professionals and a conducive work environment, Auriga has always delivered the best. Its board of directors has been putting in maximum possible efforts to raise the company’s stature to the present level. The dedication and steadfastness of its key personnel have not only revolutionized the agro sector of the country but it has also provided growth opportunities to its valued employees. Auriga’s matchless products and initiatives like Auriga Food Security Program will enable us to develop a pulsating rural economy.