About Company

Cloudagri® is a privately owned, professionally run business in the field of agro-dairy and veterinary sectors handling a wide range of products and heifers’ supplies with high quality standards and technical competence. We are a team with an extensive network of international contacts and direct offices in Pakistan and Malaysia. This means we can adopt new development, production, sales and marketing to the needs and specifications of our customers. The Company is constantly on the lookout for potential markets to strengthen the business segments through value addition to our product range, tailor made applications, increased distribution networks and offering a wider range of products.

Our Company

Due to increasing population, the demand for dairy and beef products is rising while we are running short of natural resources. So, we aim to improve dairy and livestock productivity in order to meet the need of hour. We emphasis on quality and safety of our products to ensure the brand assurance to our customers. Therefore, we posses our position as one of the major value add partner around the globe by establishing the network of local distributions in many countries.



In response to challenges, the feed producers, farmers and animals are facing, Cloud Agri provides added value products, knowledge based precise solutions and best quality heifers world wide to make farming more sustainable and efficient through meeting increasingly stringent requirements for quality, food and feed safety.


Services Our Service! Aiming to nurture dairy & livestock business through adding value and joining hands with farmers, feed producers and distribution companies to create our position as leading world player in the agro-dairy, animal health, food and feed sector.